Varta Rechargeable AAA Size Batteries NiMH 800mAh (56703) 2 бр.


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These powerful Varta Rechargeable AAA size batteries are 1.2V 800mAh NiMH batteries. The 800mAh rating is a measurement of the battery’s capacity. The higher the mAh rating the longer the battery will last in an appliance. These high capacity batteries are ideal for everyday equipment including a wireless mouse or keyboard, toys, electronic games and torches. Varta rechargeable AAA size batteries are pre-charged in the Varta factory and are Ready-2-Use as soon as you take them out of the pack. Often referred to as Varta Power Accu AAA batteries these batteries keep their charge longer than ordinary rechargeable batteries. Once charged, Varta Ready-2-Use batteries will retain 80% of their charge for up to 12 months in storage. Nominal Voltage 1.2V Capacity 800mAh Type Ni-MH


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